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#589 Dashia


@KeepinUpWith_Dash, for @LiveOnNewYork, Organ Donation in New York (Download her app, @A.HeartOfGold) – “A few months ago in a chilly New York night, I was driving around the city, particularly in SoHo, with my friends. It was after midnight and we were talking about moving out of New York. As I was looking outside the car window listening to this hard to grasp conversation, I was thinking about how New York has surrounded me with really good people and how much opportunity there is for me. I’ve lived here all 29 years of my life and I still strongly believe this.

I mean, I worked for P. Diddy during my senior year of college as a finance intern (handling all his personal finances from studio, clothing, personal life stuff), which was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I visited Kentucky once and it was cold, so snowy and so boring. It’s not like I had nothing to do, I just wanted to get home. I was wearing a little leather jacket and I wasn’t dressed right for the weather out there you can say that. I would have rather stood in a cold and snowy New York. One of the most exciting things I saw in Kentucky was seeing the KCF Colonel statue and he’s holding a bucket of chicken with one hand while holding a piece of chicken in the other hand and pretending to eat it. As I was staring at this statue, I said to myself, “Yo, take me back to New York.” Dashia has lived almost her entire life as if heart failure was only a secondary discussion in relation to who she is as a person. It has never defined her, and she certainly works to make sure it doesn’t slow her down to the best of her ability. It is this kind of character that has allowed Dashia to live an accomplished and mostly normal life looking in from the outside: a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Monroe College, an accounting career with prestigious companies that include Merrill Lynch and Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs, and time practicing real estate in NYC. Today is Organ Donor Enrollment Day. Make the important decision to register to help save lives and bring hope to the nearly 10,000 New Yorkers like Dashia waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Sign up today:


#587 Michael


@NYClarity – “I was sitting in a Starbucks with my cousin. As we were sitting there I began to look around. There was this one particular beautiful couple that really opened my eyes; a young man and woman obviously together, were sitting there with their heads down ignoring each others company. A few times the woman tried to engage in conversation with him, but he just nodded off and paid no attention. When I snapped the picture of them with my camera of that exact moment in time I realized how short our lives really were on this earth. We really can miss out on someone or something amazing that can change our lives, especially here in New York City, the greatest city in the world filled with so many new people you can meet each and every day. I found that after seeing that couple not grasping their own moment, it was a realization to me that living in New York City is a privilege and I want to give that chance to myself and just enjoy it all.”