It was the spring of 2008, and I had been drinking at a bar on the corner of 57th and 7th, Central Park South in Midtown. I had just paid a good amount of money to close out my tab and had said my “see you laters” to my friends and headed out the door with my designated driver. As we were many blocks away from the bar, almost heading into the Manhattan Bridge, my driver gets a phone call saying I had switched my ID and credit card with someone and we had to head back. So, we turned around. I was still drunk. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew we weren’t going to Brooklyn to take me home.

After 27 minutes of traffic going back uptown including multiple head drops trying to keep myself from dozing off into deep sleep, we pulled up in front of the bar where I had just paid an insane amount of money, there she was, Minette (now my wife). It was the girl I’ve been dying to meet for months just waiting at the corner for us with her best friend, the guy who was holding my driver’s license and my credit card. Not only had I realized that the money I paid wasn’t from my own card and that my real bill was far less than what I thought I paid, but I knew I had just met the girl I could honestly say for the first time in my life, I wanted to be with. We introduced ourselves. She had a manly handshake. I got my ID and credit card back. I suddenly forgot I was drunk. I was awake. We left.

We didn’t talk much, but we said hi. That was enough for me to go back home to. I couldn’t sleep that night. When I was finally able to doze off, I slept comfortably for the first time in New York City with that insane feeling that I had found what I was looking for…

Minette and I have been married since 12/14/2010. We have a beautiful baby named Jordan Taylor and now living in New Jersey. Her best friend, Peter, is now one of my best friends. I am his best man at his upcoming wedding in 2016.


@WhyILoveNewYorkCity Instagram page/blog, created by Me, Eljay Aguillo, is a photo documentary about love for New York City. This page is inspired by my hardships, my triumphs, and my colorful experiences that I had to go through as a New York City transplant, that without these events that have happened in my life, I wouldn’t have met my wife, who has given me everything New York City couldn’t. In a funny way, that is why I love this city. She is my New York.

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