#587 Michael


@NYClarity – “I was sitting in a Starbucks with my cousin. As we were sitting there I began to look around. There was this one particular beautiful couple that really opened my eyes; a young man and woman obviously together, were sitting there with their heads down ignoring each others company. A few times the woman tried to engage in conversation with him, but he just nodded off and paid no attention. When I snapped the picture of them with my camera of that exact moment in time I realized how short our lives really were on this earth. We really can miss out on someone or something amazing that can change our lives, especially here in New York City, the greatest city in the world filled with so many new people you can meet each and every day. I found that after seeing that couple not grasping their own moment, it was a realization to me that living in New York City is a privilege and I want to give that chance to myself and just enjoy it all.”

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