#283 Noah


(@501SeeStreets on Instagram) My parents divorced when I was very young and my father caused us a great deal of grief. My mom was–and is to this day–a very strong, tenacious and protective person. Following all of this running to avoid my father and fighting in court, I remember feeling this great sense of relief from the smaller things in life: I remember watching the fireworks from our fire escape in Kew Gardens, playing baseball with my friends in a postage stamp sized backyard in Bellerose and local block parties. Through all this turmoil, not only did my mom make life much easier, but this city provided me with a great feeling of comfort.

I founded a nonprofit organization called 501 See Streets. We work with community groups–including civics, business improvement districts and police precincts–to beautify neighborhoods through art. Data shows that the art benefits both the residential and business communities and serve as a graffiti deterrent. However, we need your help! We are on Facebook at facebook.com/501seestreets and Twitter at twitter.com/501seestreets.


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